Elizabeth Contal

Jewelry and mineralogy

The path to the Consciousness to establish permanent links with the real self…

Elizabeth Contal began her career in the 1980s. Enamored by the world of jewelry, she worked in partnership with the United States, before settling on the French Riviera to combine her spirit of entrepreneur with her passion for creation.

Ten years later the fascination with mineralogy was born. Viewing the precious stones as tools for the understanding of the human being and the world that surrounds it. She developed her expertise in a self-thought way in order to practice Lithoterapie – a 5m² crystal cabinet implemented in the shop while applying « Mineral ethic » and being the « GURUS » of ourselves, led by the «felt» emotion and the present instinct.

Once installed in the Chair all rules are conceivable and possible as explained by Geoffrey, son of Elisabeth CONTAL who holds a major place in this family business.

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