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Have you already thought about the changes in fashion over the past 100 years? The shoe shop Lucien Chausseur, in existence for more than a century can narrate this story, and its master Domenico Gigante disclose all the secrets of the latest fashion trends to his customers.

As a true stylist, Domenico will help you find good shoes and will give you all the advice necessary to maintain them. His father was an italian modelist and Domenico spent his childhood in the fashion world. He began as a seller and gained a good experience in the conception and the trends of the modern society. “But I respect traditions: a detail is very important – you can wear jeans or a normal T-shirt, but the footwear must be beautiful,” assures Domenico.

Domenico Gigante now launches his brand of italian footwear under the shop name of Lucien Chausseur. He personally selects each new model according to the latest trends. In his shop, you will find all the known genres of shoes, from sneakers to penny loafers models. Domenico will be your personal stylist for a moment which will make you return more than once into his remarkable shop. His passion is the quality of the leather, and he believes that everyone, man or woman, should have a pair of “Derby” in his wardrobe.

Domenico Gigante spends a greater part of his life in his shop: “This is my baby, and I am raising her up”, he says with admiration. Each morning, before the arrival of the customers, he takes time to check all the details of his shop and, hence, creating a perfect atmosphere for you to select the appropriate pair of shoes.

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